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Epic Adventure Summer Camp


Our S.T.E.A.M.-focused curriculum translates into our summer day camp, enabling children to continue engaging in curiosity-stimulating activities and creative problem-solving.

mysmallwonders-EPIC MSW 1

Turn Summer into an Adventure

During these crucial life stages, it is vital to continue to promote their growth and development, even outside of the typical school year. My Small Wonders’ summer adventure program focuses on not only continuing the learning and development of your child, but also real-world experiences in the form of field trips. Your child will have countless opportunities to get out of the classroom and into the outdoors, with field trips to zoos, museums, parks, and movie theaters – in addition to a fun-filled weekly theme with activities and creative projects.

In addition, access to our digital learning platforms gives students a unique path to meaningful achievement gains in mathematics and reading. Through engaging and interactive digital platforms, students are delivered the right level of education so that they are challenged but not overwhelmed by material that is too advanced.

Weekly Themes

mysmallwonders-prehistoric passports

Your camper will jump back millions of years into the time when dinosaurs wandered the Earth! They will excavate fossils, build dinosaur eggs, and learn all about the fascinating creatures that roamed the planet so long before us.

mysmallwonders-Pirates 1

Ships, maps, treasures, and adventure, oh my! Your camper will be able to step into the boots of a pirate and investigate life on the high seas. Ready to set sail?

mysmallwonders-Artful 1

Campers will be encouraged to let their creativity flourish and set their imaginations free this week – painting, cutting, gluing, crafting, and drawing anything and everything!

mysmallwonders-Safari 1

Don your safari hat and grab those binoculars – your camper will be stepping foot into the African Savanna to learn all about the people, plains, and animals of this expansive region.

mysmallwonders-GameQuest 1

Your camper will team up with friends to learn, play, and win games of all shapes and sizes. Whether they master a new game, or play an old favorite – this week, everyone gets a turn!

mysmallwonders-MythsLegends 1

Mythology is an amazing combination of history and storytelling. Your camper will learn the biggest, boldest stories of our history – and, by the end of the week, create their own!

mysmallwonders-temples and tombs

This week, it’s time to dig, dig, dig into the past – archaeological finds await your camper as we explore hundreds of years of history in just one week.

mysmallwonders-Talent 1

It’s talent week! This week, your camper will get the chance to strut their stuff as we put on a talent show fit for the big stage! They’ll sing, dance, show us their best magic tricks, and much more!

mysmallwonders-Marine 1

We’ll be literally diving deep this week. Your camper will learn about fascinating deep sea creatures – sharks, whales, octopi, and all of the wonders of life in the mysterious ocean!

mysmallwonders-Sports 1

Sportsmanship and epic athleticism find their home this week – your camper will learn about teamwork and healthy competition through fun-filled physical activities!

mysmallwonders-TimeTrekking 1

Past, present, and future will come together for your camper during time travel week – hop on the time machine and see what we discover!

mysmallwonders-silly science

Silly science experiments and semi-serious inquiries bring us into science week. Your camper will be putting on their lab coat and thinking cap to embark on a journey of interactive scientific adventures!

mysmallwonders-Nation 1

Our final weekly theme is all about the red, white, and blue – from sea to shining sea. Patriotic games and activities, picnics, and outdoor fun bring our summer camp to a close.

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