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What Sets Us Apart

Universal Development

At My Small Wonders, we pride ourselves in providing opportunities for learning and development outside of the traditional classroom. That’s why we’ve designed age-appropriate, kid-tailored playgrounds and innovative, engaging learning environments. Your child will enjoy their time with us while continuing to learn and grow, no matter what activity they partake in.

Teacher reading a book to four students gathered around the teacher.
Large playground outside a red brick building.

Perfect Playgrounds

Every playground at My Small Wonders is designed for its audience: your child!

Soft-mesh padding allows for the optimal amount of play while minimizing injuries and accidents. Shade systems mean that your child can enjoy their time on our playground without worrying about drizzle, overexposure to sunlight, heat, or any other imperfect weather conditions.

Innovative Learning Environments

All of our classrooms are specifically tailored to each child’s age and developmental stage, with bright and engaging wall designs along with toys, books, and learning centers to encourage both visual and tactile stimulation. Your child will have endless opportunities to continue their path of development while participating in activities outside of the traditional classroom.

Classroom with a blue mat with a star pattern on the floor and a mural of ducks in a pond on one wall.