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Teachers & Staff

Teacher leaning over a table with students gathered around her. They're all looking at a book on the table.

Passionate & Qualified

My Small Wonders knows that our amazing teachers and staff are what set us apart from our competition – after all, they’re the ones guiding children along their path of development, day in and day out. That’s why we carefully select all teachers and staff members to ensure that your children are in the most positive, caring environment possible during their time with us.

Accolades & Qualities

Teacher laughing and painting on her hands with students gathered around her.

Teaching Philosophy

My Small Wonders’ teaching philosophy is the union of our mission and values with our principles of whole child development. Based on years of experience, research, and our genuine passion for child care and development, we’ve solidified practices, procedures, and attitudes that give children the very best – the strongest foundation for success.

Whole Child Development

Child development consists of more than learning your ABC’s and 123’s. My Small Wonders strives to promote more than just a child’s ability to understand school subjects, such as math, social studies, science, and the arts. We focus on skills and abilities that will benefit them throughout the rest of their childhoods into adulthood, including sensory-motor development, social-emotional development, cognitive-expressive development, and growth mindset development. Read more about the whole child development system by clicking here.

Mission & Values

Our mission at My Small Wonders has always been, and continues to be “partnering with families to provide excellence in the care and development of children”. We take this mission seriously, day in and day out – and so do each and every one of our teachers, administrators, and staff members. See how we embody our values and mission statement by clicking here.