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Whole Child Development

Whole Child Development 1

How We Teach

The concept of whole child development is the culmination of years of research to create a system that nurtures and prepares children in every facet of their lives.

Our version of whole child development is realized with the Four C’s: coordination, connection, cognition, and character.

Whole Child Development at My Small Wonders


Teaching, practicing, and sharpening coordination from early childhood ensures that children have a strong foundation for emotional and cognitive development throughout the rest of their lives. My Small Wonders accomplishes this using sensory-motor development focused practices. Exercises and activities with this basis help kids develop large and small motor skills, coordination, spatial awareness, body confidence, and healthy self-care habits.


Often, our success, well-being, and happiness in life stem from our communities and the connections we form within them. With the second C of whole child development, connection, we are able to introduce this crucial skill early on, allowing children to have an easier time forming these vital connections as they mature and grow. My Small Wonders uses principles of social-emotional development to aid children in creating and sustaining healthy connections. This includes more specific skills, such as supporting a positive self-concept, growing an awareness of others’ needs, and developing an ability to navigate relationships.


Cognition is a combination of the mental processes that aid individuals in acquiring knowledge and understanding novel concepts. The My Small Wonders curriculum improves cognition through activities that promote a child’s cognitive-expressive development. Our curriculum encourages kids to develop reasoning and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to clearly communicate their thinking to others. Developing cognition during early life stages also lays an incredibly strong foundation for literacy, numeracy, creativity, and critical thinking.


Character, our mental and moral qualities, along with personality, are the culmination of our identity as individuals. This makes the early introduction of character-building activities and concepts critical to the formation of the self. My Small Wonders’ whole child development uses growth mindset development to promote, strengthen, and teach the fourth C: character. Positive discovery and enrichment experiences help kids develop confidence and character, including positive self-esteem, healthy response to challenges, and the lifelong love of learning they require to thrive.

Why it Matters

The truth is, your child will have plenty of time to learn their ABC’s and 123’s. While curriculum is a huge component of each child’s day, we strive to assist parents in the continual development of important social-emotional skills including behaviors, friendships, acceptance, and respect. The window within which we serve families is proven to be the most instrumental period of their lives. We do not take that privilege for granted, and are honored to partner with our trusted parents in achieving these goals in the lives of their children.

Whole Child development 2