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Our toddler program is specifically designed for our one year old children. Transitioning from the infant environment is an exciting time for both parents and their child. There are lots of changes happening all at once with learning to walk, transitioning to table food, sleeping on a cot instead of a crib, and officially beginning curriculum. My Small Wonders’ toddler program is here to support families during this time – we’re delighted to be a part of your family.

toddler sitting in a blue chair at a table

More About Our Fun Toddler Rooms

At My Small Wonders, toddlers work on their emerging skills through a variety of age-appropriate activities that encourage creativity and a positive self-image. Our enthusiastic teachers introduce music, movement, and art activities that stimulate the senses and challenge each child at their individual state of development. Through manipulative toys, imaginative play, and engaging activities, toddlers are able to explore facets of their world in a safe, structured environment.

Positive Guidance

Teachers offer positive guidance as our toddlers move through each stage of development. Hands-on learning activities help your child develop beginning readiness skills. At this important stage, your toddler will explore the world of dramatic play, creative expression, art, music, socialization, and many more important skills and concepts. Outdoor time is also an important part of a toddlers day. Our playgrounds are designed for the curious toddler with climbers, bike paths, tree houses and animals to help a toddler’s imagination soar!

Example Activities

toddler holding toy camera

Toddler Rooms

Toddler room with blue ocean mural and storage containers filled with toys
Toddler room with a forest and animal mural. The room has a table in the center with yellow chairs around it.
Toddler room with circular table with yellow highchairs built in. There is a other toys and a pond mural in the background.
Toddler room with a pond mural on the wall. There is storage containers with toys inside and a blue mat in the center of the floor.
Toddler room with a pond mural, a blue mat on the floor, and a table with built in high chairs.
Toddler room with blue walls and an ocean mural. There are two long tables in the center with blue chairs around them.
Toddler room with pond mural on the back wall. There is a table with built in high chairs and a blue mat on the floor.
Toddler room with a pond mural on the wall. There are storage containers with toys around the room and there is a table in the back corner.
Toddler rooms with a pond mural on the back wall. There are toys throughout the room, a blue mat in the center of the room, and a table with yellow highchairs next to a window.