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Each classroom is designed specifically for children ages 36-48 months. It is in this age group that children actively begin being prepared for their elementary and Pre-K education.

Teacher painting with two young students

More About Our Awesome Threes Rooms

Our threes are surrounded with an environment that builds self-esteem and learning, while exposing them to basic concepts and skills needed for their future. In this classroom, the captivating themes make learning meaningful, while providing children with a strong foundation for success. Our well-rounded curriculum satisfies inquisitive minds by exploring the world of science, social studies, math, language, art, and dramatic play. Our teachers focus on life skills, helping your child build character and problem solving abilities. Our curriculum builds a strong foundation upon which children construct a world of knowledge!

Hands-On Exploration

Through hands-on exploration, the curious three-year-old experiences basic skills and concepts, all the while having fun. Teachers continue to offer positive guidance as the children move through each stage of development. As is true throughout all of our classrooms, teacher participation and guidance is crucial to our curriculum. Staff and instructors spend quality learning time with each child, providing them with the care and attention necessary for their continued development.

Digital Learning Platforms

Our threes curriculum also introduces a taste of our cutting-edge digital learning platforms. Each classroom includes a touchscreen desktop computer featuring Magic Desktop. Magic Desktop creates a safe and stimulating environment where kids can improve their computer literacy at their own pace. Child-friendly design works perfectly with tiny hands, while our complete collection of programs keep young minds excited and engaged!

Example Activities

Child playing with blocks

Threes Rooms

Childcare room with a forest mural, a long table with blue chairs, containers full of toys, and other toys around the edges of the room.
Childcare room with a mural of bears, two long tables with blue chairs, and a table with toys on it.
Childcare room with a bear mural, two long tables with blue chairs, and toy containers along the walls.
Childcare room with a forest mural, multiple containers with toys, and an easel in the background.
Childcare mural with a forest mural, two long tables with red chairs, and an easel on the left side of the room.
Childcare room with a cabin mural on the wall, multiple tables with blue chairs, and a bookshelf in the background.
Childcare room with blue walls, tables in the background, and toys along the walls.