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Our fours classrooms are designed specifically for four year olds. In this age group, we expand on the foundation built in your child’s earlier years and gear them up for success in Pre-K.

Little girl reading a book in a classroom.

What Else is in Our Incredible Fours Rooms?

As our fours reach Pre-K and kindergarten age, our extraordinary teachers continue utilizing our research-based curriculum and their passion for your child’s success to nurture them along the path of development. Inquiry-based learning is continued with our fours, with activities centered around concepts like social studies, mathematics, language, art, and creativity-stimulating dramatic play. Our teachers continue to introduce life skills, promoting character building and problem solving.

Personal Care & Guidance

Every staff member and teacher at My Small Wonders holds your child’s success as their highest priority. That’s why all of our instructors and staff use our curriculum to not only teach your children valuable life skills and lessons, but also provide them with personal care, love, and guidance. Nurturing a child’s heart and emotions is equally as important as nurturing their minds, and leads to ongoing success throughout the rest of their lives.

Improving Digital Literacy

Our world has seen more and more technological advancement in the past 10 years than ever before. My Small Wonders understands the importance of digital literacy when it comes to prosperity and the pursuit of knowledge. Our fours continue using the Magic Desktop, a digital learning environment that is featured on each in-class touchscreen desktop computer. Magic Desktop is equipped with several programs that provide a safe yet stimulating environment for children to improve their digital literacy.

Example Activities

mysmallwonders-threes activities 1 1

Fours Rooms

Childcare room with a mural on the back wall, blue tables and chairs, and toys along the walls.
Childcare room with a camping mural, and toys throughout the room.
Childcare room with a forest mural, two long tables in the middle, and cubbies on the left wall.
Childcare room with a mural on the back wall, two long tables and chairs, and a variety of toys around the room.
childcare classroom with tables and chairs
childcare classroom with a camper mural and toys in the center