If your child turns four before September 1st, they will be eligible for pre-k through our MSW Private Pre-K Program or through the public school system. Otherwise or until then they will transition to one of our awesome four year old classrooms.

Each classroom was designed specifically with 4 year olds in mind. They maintain a 15:1child to staff ratio. In this age group we build on the foundation built in the earlier years and prepare to be ready for pre-k. Our fours are surrounded with an environment that builds self-esteem and learning while exposing them to basic concepts and skills needed for their future. In this classroom, the captivating themes make learning meaningful while providing children with a strong foundation for elementary school success. Our well-rounded curriculum satisfies inquisitive minds by exploring the world of science, social studies, math, language, art, and dramatic play. Our teachers focus on life skills which will help your child build character and problem solving abilities. Through hands-on exploration, the adventurous four year old child experiences basic skills and concepts while having fun. Teachers continue to offer positive guidance as the children move through each stage of development.

Each classroom also includes a touchscreen desktop computer featuring Magic Desktop. Magic Desktop creates a safe and stimulating environment where kids can improve their computer literacy at their own pace. Child-friendly design works perfectly with tiny hands, while our complete collection of programs keep young minds excited and engaged.

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