My Small Wonders Philosophy

As working adults in a fast paced society, we sometimes forget just how precious and fleeting our childhood years were. The truth is we only have this chance with our children one time. That time is now.

With that in mind, imagine an alternative to a traditional babysitting mentality that not only met your child care needs, but also provided an activity based learning environment specifically geared towards your child’s specific developmental stage. A community of professional care givers with the credentials to not only enhance your child’s early social and motor skills, but also dedicated to bring their best, day in and day out, in an effort to provide excellence. A proprietary curriculum tailored specifically for children, taught in a fun, nurturing and caregiving environment.

My Small Wonders, Inc. is a comprehensive development center exclusively for children ages 6 weeks to early elementary. The center dedicates its efforts and resources toward ensuring top-rated care giving services coupled with a high-quality activity-based learning environment tailored for children in this age range. The center will respond to the needs of its parents and students with excellent care-giving and instruction, an advanced curriculum, flexible programs, local community involvement and business partnerships.

My Small Wonders, Inc. has a strong commitment to accessibility and diversity. Its open door policy embraces all who desire to provide a better quality of care, preparedness and education for their children. We request and require partnership from parents as we care for children through good times and through difficult situations. Working together in partnership with our focus remaining on what is best for the child has allowed us to successfully navigate through these vital years with hundreds of families. My Small Wonders, Inc. is committed to retaining our leadership role in child care services, developmentally appropriate learning, community services and promoting cultural diversity.

Per OKDHS guidelines, as an essential business, we are currently open normal hours providing care for the MSW families. We have instituted numerous safety protocols and are following them daily to ensure the safety of our children and staff. We look forward to welcoming our families back and getting back to normal in the near future. Stay Safe!!!