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My Small Wonders School Way App
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My Small Wonders has launched a new communication app through School Way. Many of our parents currently successfully use this app with their children enrolled in Edmond and Deer Creek Public Schools. While our use will not be as extensive as theirs, it will allow parents to receive school information and updates regarding upcoming events, school closings, classroom illnesses and more anytime, anywhere and straight to their mobile device. Helpful school related information will be available on the app such as the weekly menu, school calendar and more. This app is FREE and is a great way for you to get instant notifications from My Small Wonders on your smart phone/tablet.

How does it work?

Once the app is downloaded (be sure to turn on push messages for our school) you will be able to receive instant notifications from MSW. For instance, if the weather prevents us from safely opening the center we would send out a notification. This notification would then instantly appear on your mobile device. There would also be an alert on the icon of the app (in the event that you accidentally closed out the message before reading it you can just open the app and see it.) We will be able to send out reminders about things such as picture day, holiday parties, etc. If you choose to sign up for classroom notifications you would also periodically receive additional messages specifically related to your child’s classroom. For example, as needed we could send out a classroom notification letting all parents know that there has been a flu case in a classroom or that we have a special guest coming to visit.

What do you need to do?

  • Search for and download the School Way App.

download Apple app download Android app Use Web App

You can also go to

  • Register and create your account by entering your email address and password.
  • Search for and add My Small Wonders. (We are listed under the state of Oklahoma and under Private Schools.)
  • Choose the notifications you want to receive (This is an app typically used by school districts so where is says ‘District’ in our case it is really My Small Wonders)
  • Select your child’s classroom (or classrooms if multiple children) and turn on to receive classroom notifications as well as school wide (‘District’) notifications. (Again, this is typically used by school districts so where it lists ‘schools’ in our case it is ‘classrooms’)
  • Explore the app! Please give us feedback as we can add things to the app if you would like to see more or less information on there.

We are looking forward being able to utilize this technology to provide all interested families with school related information instantly. If you have questions or suggestions to best utilize this technology, please let us know. We are pleased to offer this as an additional way of partnering with your family in the care and development of your child.